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Restore master boot record (mbr)

Posted by madkingblog on January 23, 2009

I recently upgraded MA’s C:\ drive from the 40GB drive that came with her HP.  I have a copy of Symantec Ghost so it’s not a big deal to attach both disks and boot from CD.  Once Ghost loads up, select the source 40GB drive and then select the destination 250GB drive.  Shutdown and pull the source drive out and boot from the larger disk, effectively growing the amount of free space available by the size difference between the drives.

The problem is that Ghost somehow broke Grub’s master boot record.  Starting the computer would only go to this:


It would not boot further from there.  Normally I would just fix the grub boot loader and boot Linux.  But since MA doesn’t use Linux and the drive in question didn’t have Linux installed, grub was just another step in the boot process.  Instead of fixing grub, I decided to rebuild the master boot record the Microsoft way.  This is how I did it:

1. Boot from a Windows XP CD.

2. Select the recovery console.

3. Type in the following:

CD ..
BOOTCFG /rebuild


The rebuild part takes a while depending on how big the hard drives are.  But once you restart, XP will boot normally.


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