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MA Family Visits – Day 2 Mission Beach, La Jolla Cove, and Sunset Cliffs

Posted by madkingblog on March 24, 2007

The second day, we had to take JR to the beach as that was his only Cali vacation request! Him and Katey had a ball running in and out of the FREEZING water. I wasn’t going anywhere near it!! After the beach, Don and I took my family to La Jolla Cove and showed them where Don proposed to me.

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MAD Proposal

Posted by madkingblog on March 16, 2007

MAD became an “official” acronym on Sunday March 18th. I had just returned from a business trip the day before when Don convinced me that we were headed out for a casual dinner and dressing up just for fun. He wanted to take a walk along the cliffs in La Jolla beside the water. We did this often so I thought nothing of it. We were walking and talking for awhile about such nice things like our love and life together. I remember thinking how ethereal the evening felt, butsunset in La Jolla can do that to you…it is very enchanting. I actually thought to myself that the “feeling” to the evening would make it perfect for him to propose, but I had NO IDEA he was actually going to, it was just a fleeting thought. Don found a nice big rock jutting out towards the ocean and suggested we sit down. By this point the sun had set and I love the ocean at night, in the day it is beautiful, but at night it takes on a wonder. Anyway, I digress! Sitting, watching the waves crashing, talking, I had just told Don how much I love him and our new life in California and he reached back into his pocket and said “I just one question for you” and I knew! That’s when i realized just what a night it was going to be…I think I said “oh my god” and covered my face like an overwhelmed child who just got the best present of her life…Don swung around in front of me, kneeling on one knee, and he had no speech, he simply asked me to spend the rest of my life with him…to which I replied “absolutely”! After a few moments of fierce hugging and kissing, Don reminded me to open the bow tied box he had sat in my lap. I unwrapped the outer box, then opened the inner ring box, and basically gasped at the absolutely fantastic ring inside. The best thing about this part of the story is that Don, knowing it would be night, got abox that lights up when you open it. So there I sat, my face “aglow” and mesmorized hahaha! First time in my life I’ve ever felt that way about a piece of jewelry!! Of course, this piece of jewelry was symbolic and it helped that I knew Don had carefully and scrutinizingly researched and put his time and energy into giving me this very ring. Looking back now though, I’m just impressed how making it up as he went that day, Don so coolly and confidently led me to a proposal that felt to me next to magic! To top the evening off in style, Don took me to Jack’s in La Jolla village where we had reservations for an engagement dinner. The staff congratulated and spoiled us with champagne, complimentary dishes from the chef, and molten chocolate dessert. Very nice!

Our relationship has had many days of adventure, beautiful sights, huge smiles, relentless hugs and kisses, and even awesome dinners abuzz from great wine and even better company with one another….and it was fitting that this evening was at once just another wonderful day in our relationship that felt so natural with a warm familiarity and yet extraordinary and special as we became an engaged couple!

-Mary Ann

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