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MAD Wedding

Posted by madkingblog on August 16, 2008

There was a MAD Engagement so there had to be a MAD Wedding!

We tied the knot on August 16, 2008, a full moon night that we planned that way… c’mon it had to be a celestial event!!

Some highlights for us were:

The photo shoot on the piano
Little girls thinking I was a real life princess on the walk to the venue
Exceptionally beautiful flowers
Walking down the isle with my mom
How Don saying the vows hit me exceptionally hard and deep till I broke down in tears
Realizing he was done and that I still had to say mine…and pull it together… FAST
Desiree singing “love me tender” so beautifully at the ceremony
Our officiant playing up the “we wish for you children” to get the parents excited
Having the everyone’s undivided attention while you dance with your love… just once
All the incredibly touching and funny toasts from friends and family, especially the Best Man Michael
Don dancing with his grandmother to “Hey baby, que paso?”

A few picture highlights include:

Be sure to check back because the pro pics are still to come…(repeat: these are NOT the professional pics), these are some awesome pics that friends and family took!!

The tears…

The dance…

The twirls…

The kiss…

The cake…

The friends…

The little man…


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MA Family Visits – Day 5 & 6 Coronado

Posted by madkingblog on March 28, 2007

Day 5 Don’s mom and stepdad visited to meet my family. Unfortunately, we didn’t think to take any pics, but it was really nice for our families to finally meet! Day 6, my family’s last day with us, I took them to sight see around Coronado island. As we were leaving we found a nice big park for the “kids” to play in!

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MA Family Visits – Day 3 San Diego Wild Animal Park

Posted by madkingblog on March 25, 2007

We went to the SD Wild Animal Park before the SD Zoo and it is a good thing, because we were not much impressed with it and we didn’t even have a frame of reference.  It was really just a zoo and not a good one, the so-called “safari” ride sucked, and even after buying the more expensive tickets (like it isn’t expensive enough to begin with) just about every thing fun inside costs extra!!  It was really really disappointing.  I would not only not recommend people to go, I would recommend people NOT go!!  Oh yeah, and they have ducks that bite!!

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MA Family Visits – Day 2 Mission Beach, La Jolla Cove, and Sunset Cliffs

Posted by madkingblog on March 24, 2007

The second day, we had to take JR to the beach as that was his only Cali vacation request! Him and Katey had a ball running in and out of the FREEZING water. I wasn’t going anywhere near it!! After the beach, Don and I took my family to La Jolla Cove and showed them where Don proposed to me.

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