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France Day 4: Drive to Sarlat

Posted by madkingblog on January 11, 2010

So much for posting everyday!  At this rate it will take me a month to get through our whole trip. O’well, it’s worth reliving for a month!

Wednesday morning we had breakfast with the british couple at our B&B in Carcassonne again, and had another great long conversation with them. They were really great peeps. They even helped me figure out how to ask our host in French about the post card our friends Michelle and Aaron had left for us when they stayed there a few months before us.  Turns out, the host found the postcard and, not being able to understand English, figured it must have been for her. I guess she threw it away or just doesn’t remember where she put it because she didn’t offer to get it or try to find it or anything, hahaha, I guess she isn’t very sentimental about things the guests leave for her. =)

We finally hit the road for our next destination, the medieval town of Sarlat! We drove through beautiful countryside and winding roads… this day and drive is another one of the reasons we fell in love with southern France.

We were taking pictures of all the churches we came across in an attempt to get a picture of a Church that our friend Michelle missed getting a picture of while she was there but wished she had! These are the three we managed to get below, and we thought for sure the last one was it, but we most likely did not get the right one, we’re not even totally sure we took the same roads! hahaha.

This last church was so awesome we drove closer and took more pictures! It was in ruins and is now dedicated to fallen soldiers of World War II if I remember correctly.

The entire trip to Sarlat was on tiny roads like the one below through gorgeous countryside and small villages that made you want to stop and explore…

We took a recommendation from one of the guidebooks and stopped in Domme on the way.  A hilltop village with gorgeous views. We showed up during their “siesta” time.  Apparently this Spanish tradition spills over into southern France, we couldn’t find anything open between 1 and 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  The town was sooo empty which actually made it kind of fun to run around this village feeling like we were the only people there.

After Domme, we headed back out and finally arrived in Sarlat.  We had to find some parking on a major road that runs sort of “behind” the city and then search out La Lantern with our bags in tow.  We found it down a narrow alleyway and it was work dragging our bags all that way.  It was amazing…right in the heart of the “old city” and our room felt a little bit like heaven.

We settled in that evening and went for dinner at l’Octroi which was recommend by our host and apparently means the “tax collector”.

I guess the building used to be where taxes were collected and paid.  The food was awesome and our first Foie gras. Although now that we’ve educated ourselves on how it’s made (force-feeding ducks and geese) we won’t be having it ever again, which is fine with us because it just wasn’t really our thing.  On average, Europe’s standards for raising animals for food are much better than in the United States, so I think foie gras is an unfortunate exception because it is considered part of their heritage. Anyway, the dinner was really great and we hit the sack after that!

Much more Sarlat to come…


4 Responses to “France Day 4: Drive to Sarlat”

  1. Heather said

    Can’t wait for the more beautiful pictures to come….

  2. Michelle said

    I’m so glad you took so many pictures of Domme!! I definitely want to go back and spend more time there – it is so incredibly beautiful. And thank you so much for trying to find the church! I don’t think any of those were ‘the one’ but that last one looks really familiar. Can’t wait to hear the rest!!

  3. Amy said

    Mary Ann, you look gorgeous in that outfit! Beautiful photos.

  4. madkingblog said

    Thanks for the comments girls! Here comes another one…

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