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France Days 1&2: Carcassonne

Posted by madkingblog on January 3, 2010

We left the states on Saturday and after three VERY long flights we arrived in Toulouse on Sunday and still had an hour drive to our first B&B in Carcassonne,  Ecuries de Saint-Croix.  It was immediately clear what an awesome find this place is (shoutout to Michelle!). It was down a one lane road that runs right up to the walled city, but far enough down that road to be in the country.  We pulled up to a horse and two country dogs that didn’t mind us at all.  As excited as we were to be there, we hadn’t really slept in more than 24 hous.  We were so tired we went to bed around 5pm, woke up at about 2am and almost immediately went back to bed to sleep through the night.  So we kind of missed our first evening in France but man that sleep felt gooood.

Monday morning we woke up for our first french breakfast, aaahhh and yum.  This is one of the best parts of B&Bs in Europe, they know how to do breakfast.  The bread, the cheese, the croissants, the preserves, the fresh juice, the strong coffee… I could go on!  Our host spoke almost no English… but she made sure we were taken care of.  Shortly into breakfast we were joined by another couple.  Don asked “Do u speak English?” to which the guy replied “We are English”. Haha, nice.  We had such great conversation with them, we must have sat there close to two hours.  Near the end of our conversation we found out they film documentaries. A lot of them in the US.  We are searching for several of them now to watch but the only one we could find so far is Monster Quest which looks like it will be very entertaining. It’s more of a for fun type of documentary. We will be watching soon!

We finally got out and about that day to visit the old walled city, trying to get used to the one lane two way road that we had to take in and out of the B&B. The walled city was very cool but it was actually much smaller than I expected. We took a guided tour that actually started with a self guided walk along the rampart walls.  This offered some great views! Then on the guided tour we learned the history of the city and how it got its name, which means Carcas rings/sings out!  Carcas refers to a woman (who is most likely fictional) who saved the city, in a very unconventional way, and then rang the church bells in celebration.

We had lunch inside the walled city at a cool little pub like place.  Ham and cheese crepes… and they were delicious.  Dinner however, was another matter.  We went to downtown, outside the walled city, so we could find a power converter and have dinner.  We couldn’t figure out though when places opened for dinner since they were all closed! Tired from walking ALL over the place we finally sat down in a pub and had a beer.  After I painstakingly used all the French I know to pull together a sentence to ask what time the restaurants open for dinner, the bartender answered in perfect English, “eight”, haha. We were so hungry, by the time restaurants opened, we just picked the first place we came across, an italian place, and it was quite good.  Not very French, but good.  And then it was good night Carcassonne!


3 Responses to “France Days 1&2: Carcassonne”

  1. Michelle said

    Can we all please just move to the south of France right now?! I’m loving all your wonderful pictures. More more more!

  2. Heather said

    I love all the pictures too! Can’t wait to see more!

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