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Dez & MA Together Again in Omaha

Posted by madkingblog on September 10, 2009

This last June, Dez was in the states for a very brief time. I knew I had a limited window to see her and I had never seen the home she owns in Omaha. So at the last minute I booked a ticket to see her for a long weekend. It was an absolutely wonderful trip… at the time. So much has happened since then, the trip seems kind of sad now. It was still wonderful in that I got to see my number one girl AND as an added bonus her mother, Marjorie, an incredible woman in every right, was with us also. We had a LOT of bonding time. My favorite was the night the three of us spent at an Italian restaurant in downtown Omaha. It had an incredible ambiance and the three of us drank wine and talked there for hours. We spent a lot of time talking through some wedding planning with Dez and then there were stories… Marjorie really opened up to us about her life in Costa Rica when Dez was a child… the three of us laughed and cried together that night. It is forever burned in my memory in a wonderful way. The three of us spent the days working on fixing up Dez’s house. Since she spends the majority of her time away, it needs a lot of work when she comes to town. It was great to be able to help with this. Dez and I spent one night on the town, in true Dez & MA fashion, and one day in a bookstore with lattes, also true Dez & MA fashion! 🙂 Finally, we spent the last night working through a wedding planning checklist with the Planner I bought Dez. 😦 At the time it was actually a pretty cool experience. We met up with one of Dez’s friends, Amanda, an awesome girl, and went to a local bar… we got beers and headed to the outdoor area and started working through the planner letting Dez revel in the experience of visualizing and deciding on wedding plans. Not long into this the bar was closing because they had no business… we were bummed, but then the owner decided to close up but buy us another round and sit with us for a drink. So we all talked and just enjoyed the thunderstorm raging on around us! Living in SD, that is a rare experience for me now! Sadly, I had to leave the next day to return to a very busy (yet successful!) month of work. I was so revived though, at that time, if I had to explain that visit with Dez in one word, I would have called it perfection. Since then, some events have transpired that make me look back on it (or more specifically all the wedding planning) with a taint of sadness… but one day, with time, things will be different and that taint will dissipate and we’ll be left with only the wonderful memories of those four days. I love you Dez. I will always be grateful for this time I got to share with you and your mother and I look forward to the next time…


One Response to “Dez & MA Together Again in Omaha”

  1. Michelle said

    Awww sounds like an awesome visit!!

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