[MAD] Mary Ann & Don

Michael and Jami Wedding

Posted by madkingblog on September 8, 2009

[Update: for some reason, wordpress is not saving my formatting correctly, so until I figure it out the picture below and their captions are a bit messed up!]

In May, Don’s cousin and best man at our wedding, Michael, married his long time love Jami.  We are so very happy for them and had the best time helping prepare for and at the wedding!  We decorated their wedding suite as per tradition which is always fun and coordinated in any way we could.  It was one of the rare occasions that I got to spend time with ALL of Don’s family at once and they are a riot!! I love them all so much!  They are animated and funny and nonstop entertainment. What a big and awesome family!  It was Mother’s day the next day also, so we spent the whole weekend in the desert.  Next to take this huge step is Michael’s sister Stephanie in November!  That will be the third cousin of Don’s we will have seen married since we’ve been together!  That’s almost one per year 🙂

Before the wedding, it was a little windy in the desert!  The “windblown” look… how very Hollywood!

IMG_0330 (2)

The boys messing around beforehand… I think they were actually with the photographer her, don’t know what they are supposed to be doing though.

IMG_0326 (2)

Nothing like shots before the wedding to help the nerves 😉

IMG_0325 (2)

The happy couple only moments after their vows.  That is the high desert scenery out those windows – mountains in every direction.

Mr & Mrs Maes

Michael’s proud parents – our Tia Sylvia and Tio Steve

The proud parents - Our Tia Sylvia and Tio Steve

Don looking handsome before the wedding!

Don & Mary Ann


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