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Our Florida/Family Vacation

Posted by madkingblog on June 22, 2009

Don and I recently spent a week, which is never enough time,  in Florida to visit my family.  It was a super tight schedule.  We always have such grand plans for all the things we are going to do while on vacation and it always goes sooo fast.  I am surprised though by how much we fit into one week!  I am also very disappointed that we didn’t make it to the beach even once.

In any case, we had a wonderful time and as a family bonus got to spend two days with my cousin Heather and her family.

The first few days we were there we didn’t manage to get any pics, and I wish we had because they were super fun.  On Saturday, our arrival day, we had dinner at the new T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney.  It was very much like the Rainforest Cafe, except with dinosaurs, but they also had an “ice cave” area and an “underwater” area which were both really cool.  After diner my niece and nephew got the Build-a-Dino and I helped create a birth certificate for one.

The next day, on Sunday we drove up to Sanford/Leewood area to visit me and my sis’s favorite cousin Heather and her husband Matt.  They have two beautiful children Lilly and Mason.  I hadn’t seen Lilly since she was an infant of about 3 months or so and I had never met Mason.  Lilly is growing into a beautiful little girl and Mason is so cute it hurts, just like my nephew at that age.  Ah man, score one for baby fever.

On Monday, we spent the day at Aquatica, the SeaWorld water park.   We spent the morning playing with the kids on slides and in the lazy river.  Then in the afternoon we had some fun in the wave pool, then promptly fell asleep on some lounge chairs in the shade… ahhh… vacation!  Then when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, we got home and my mom had made the BEST pot roast with roasted potatoes… we were IN. HEAVEN.

On Tuesday, we finally remembered to take a camera with us and we headed out to go miniature golfing but when we were almost there we saw a multi-level go-kart track that looked like WAY more fun.   JUST as we got belted up and ready to go it started pouring, but there was no backing out at that point so we went go-karting in the rain.  LOL!  It was so funny, we slid down the ramps more so than driving down them and Don managed to spin out.  Good thing JR has nerves of steel for such a little guy.

On Wednesday, we had lunch with Katelynn at school and did some shopping but I didn’t feel great.  I mostly slept which was great in and of itself, I don’t think I’ve felt that rested for a long long time.

Thursday, we had lunch with JR at school and as soon as school was out we FINALLY made it to miniature golfing before the rain hit.  It was Katie and JR’s first time and they both did great.  Don taught them how to correctly hold their golf clubs and after a LOT of reminding that you have to hit the ball gently once you get close to the hole… they both did great!  And of course, Don, the golf pro, hit 4 hole-in-ones!  What a show off!

On Friday, we rolled on out to Downtown Disney again to see Up 3D!  It was soooo good.  I cried cried cried in the beginning and then the rest was funny and wonderful.  Pixar rocks my socks.  We got some pics before going in for the movie.

Below JR was being crabby and didn’t want his picture taken, he was halarious, i know i know, what a bad aunt LOL!

On Saturday we saw my cousin Heather and her family again.  They took us to a VERY FLORIDA place for dinner, called Black Hammock.  It was right on a lake and they have alligators, parrots, and “tiki” bar.  We just had the best time!  Below are all pictures from that day.  Our last full day with the family.  We miss them all so much already!


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Sushi and Good Lookin’ Friends

Posted by madkingblog on June 5, 2009

One of our Heathers (we tried giving them each a nickname but one of them didn’t like hers) decided we all needed to get “dolled up” for a Friday night on the town starting with Sushi at RA.  As evidenced below, we have some great lookin friends… everyone was rockin it!  🙂

This last picture demonstrates my superior chopstix sparring skillz… Max didn’t stand a chance! 😉

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