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Meet the Poo

Posted by madkingblog on May 13, 2009

Frank is the Poo.  It goes something like this…

Frank is Frank –  then Frank gets affectionate pet name of Frankie Poo – Frankie Poo gets shortened to F-Poo (which is still my favorite) – F-Poo becomes simply the Poo.

The Poo is awesome.

He couldn’t be more awesome if he tried… he is just naturally gifted with awesomeness.  The Poo doesn’t have time for everyone, clearly those of us below are his favorites…

The true awesomeness of the Poo shines through when he throws a PooBQ… it’s a million times more awesome than a regular BarBQ because it comes with smores, strawberries, and cream freshly whipped by the Poo himself.  The strawberries and cream experience was one so delicious it left no free hands for taking pictures, however, we did manage to capture some smores in the making…

All hail the Poo!!

And can someone clear up the matter of whether or not you’re supposed to catch the marshmellow on fire or “slow roast” it when making smores?!?


One Response to “Meet the Poo”

  1. The Poo said

    me is honored to be featured in this blog. show me the internet money!

    slow roasting seems the best way because you get maillard reaction without the carcinogen-packed burnt stuff. sometimes, though, one is in the mood for a quick n’ dirty s’more, so to speak.

    the things are packed with corn syrup and gelatin to start, so it’s hard to say which method is healthier.

    homemade marshmallows, anyone?

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