[MAD] Mary Ann & Don

MAD Surprise Party

Posted by madkingblog on February 3, 2009

Don and I both had birthdays recently… actually our birthdays are only six days apart.  The weekend before either of them, our friends threw us a joint surprise birthday party!… at a winery!… with an amazing picnic to follow!!!  We did a wine tasting at Orphila, then headed out to the grassy knoll for a picnic complete with tons of food, wine, dessert, frisbee, sunbathing, story swapping, and even some bocce ball for the boys!!  We had an amazing time, but more importantly we have amazing friends and we *heart* every one of them!

Some of our sneaky peeps before we showed up.

Right after the big SURPRISE!  Don looks surprised, I look confused! HAHAHA

Part way through our wine tasting – we were very impressed, the Orfila wines were great!

A cutie Chiesha “more wine please”.

We love Alisha!

Don and I with one of our surprise party coordinators PAUL!

Picture taken moments after Paul tripped with the cake sending it on a flip through the air and it landing right side up perfectly fine!  LOL!  A classic Paul moment!

To the left and middle are Sherry and Heather… the real brains behind operation surprise MAD.  Needless to say, they rock!

It was perfect 74 degree sunny weather!  We had so much fun and looking back at the pictures now, I realize we didn’t even get everyone in the pictures.  Allen, where you hiding behind the camera in all these shots?   Let’s not let that happen again.  🙂


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