[MAD] Mary Ann & Don

New Years Eve 2008

Posted by madkingblog on January 1, 2009

We had a rockin New Year’s this year, which was in order since I SLEPT through New Years last year (c’mon i was sick).  Anyway, we made up for it this year booking a few rooms at the Marriot on the Harbor with  friends and attending their big New Years blowout which was partially a benefit for Habitat for Humanity which was cool!  We started the night off strong drinking A LOT.  Well the boys went for dinner first and Chiesha and I got started while doing our makeup haha!  But the boys returned and we got it going popping Champagne and partying with the neighbors (a few of which helped organize the event!).  We finally headed down stairs for the main party and several of us were already smashed but we still went straight for tequila shots haha, you have to keep the party going right?!  On the way down the elevators were WAY overcrowded (we had to be breaking a fire code) but everyone there was just so happy and having such a good time no one even cared about being packed like sardines, it just turned it into a party on an elevator.  Every floor we stopped at, there was a huge crowd waiting to get on and no one else could fit and every time both sides just roared festively and laughed, so awesome, i’ll never forget that – no typical impatient angry american attitudes.  So we finally made it to the main ball room and proceeded to dance and help facilitate Chiesha’s game – she needed a man to kiss by midnight – though she hardly needed our help as she brings quite enough game all by her hot little self.

We did the big new years countdown and the hubby and I had our first passionate New Years kiss as husband and wife… absolutely wonderful!

We last till about 1am and we were just done!  Early I know, but we got back to our room and got to slip into something more comfortable and cuddle away while the rest the partyer’s proceded to tear the hotel down wall by wall.  Chiesha was up most the night and judging by what she told us, we didn’t want to see it around 5 am.  I can only imagine.  So New Years day, Don and I walked around the harbor and Seaport Village, got lattes, and relaxed by the water and some pro kite flyers before heading home.  It was a great way to start the new year.

Getting started in the ball room!

Allen getting feely with some ladies.

Chiesha is our total cutie!!

Ya, it’s time to go!


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